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Sunbird Cleaning Services specializes in providing a variety of restoration services for your home or office wood flooring. Whether you have a small section of damaged wood or wish to restore an entire home's hardwood flooring, we can tailor our services to accomplish the job efficiently and affordably. When Sunbird Cleaning Services leaves your home, your floors will sparkle like new.

DIY Vs. Professional Wood Floor Refinishing

We have invested in top-of-the-line machinery that out performs any rental equipment because our equipment minimizes the two negative side effects of refinishing wood flooring: dust and noise. We've invested a pretty penny in our equipment to ensure that your life is not interrupted while we carry out our job.

Years Of Service In The Field

We couple our machinery with experience, knowledge, and training. Our experts can sand oak flooring, pine flooring, bamboo flooring, etc. to meld the grain together and make it shine like new. Feeling the exact amount of time and pressure needed to remove top polyurethane layers without harming the wood underneath comes with experience, as does knowing how to do so for a variety of different types of flooring.

Wood Floor Facelift

While you can do a fantastic job of maintaining the beauty of your wood floors by sweeping away debris with a soft cloth, daily wear eventually necessitates a professional cleaning and refinishing. Of course, regaining the floor's original luster will be much easier and faster with floors that have been taken care of, but even significantly damaged flooring can be restored because deep scratches and dents can be sanded away and filled in and some boards can even be replaced.

When you call Sunbird Cleaning Services, our customer representatives will happily discuss the process with you as well as assist you in determining the best course of action. If you select us as your service provider, we will strive to ensure that you are thrilled with the outcome of our effort!

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